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ExeStealth Packer

Exe Stealth Packer

This EXE Packer is not publish downloadable. EXEStealth is now a protector and packer. So test our Tool "EXE Stealth" or "EXE Bundle". With this tool you can pack lot of files in one executable packer file.

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+ Compression of Resourcen and Code
+ Run-Time Packer with protection of exe, scr, dll, ...
+ Anti cracking
+ Very fast
+ Bundle whole Application in an Unique Layer

EXE Stealth Packer
Software Compress Protection

ExeStealth Packer has come up with Protection Technology that deals exclusively with protection against modern cracking tools. It makes available a Windows application with a very high standard protection system with control over the license. It deals with protecting applications against cracking and copying.

ExeStealth Packer uses new and unique encryption polymorphic technology and gives software developers and publishers an undetectable level of encryption that can significantly increase their revenues.

Anti-cracking includes protecting the code and code areas, protecting code from Decompilers, protection of applications against illegal usage, protect algorithms and copy protection schemes.

The Polymorphism Engine supplies a program for prevention, detection and analysis by using reverse engineering tools.

All of the headers and sections are reorganized and encrypted in new data structures and bundled inside a new structure. All information is bundled in multi-layers data structures.

Code and Resource Compression: The ExeStealth Packer allows you to compress the code and resources of your application. The compression engine is useful to minimize bandwidth and increase download speeds.

Compatible with several Development Tools, the ExeStealth Packer is able to pack software written in Delphi, C++ Builder, Microsoft Visual C++, and Visual Basic.

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Compress your executable files.

ExeStealth - Download (1100 kb)

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Size: 1 MB
Version 3.16




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