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ExeStealth Protector - More profit with less illegal copies.

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Exe Stealth Protector

Looking for Protection for your Software and Codes? Looking for Anti Cracking Protection, Licensing and other related aspects of Software Protection Technology?

Well, Look no further because here at WebToolMaster we probably have all that you could ever think of in terms of Protection Technology and then some. We have developed software that is compatible with several development tools that include software written in Delphi, C++ Builder, Microsoft Visual C++, and Visual Basic.

We use new unique encryption technology that will give software developers and publishers an undetectable level of encryption, which in turn will significantly increase their revenues!

Stealth protector is the one stop shop for all your software protection requirements. Executable files are easy prey for professional hackers and code crackers. You need to ensure that your work stays safe, secure, uncorrupted and within easy access for your use.

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We have a full complement of Anti Cracking Protection, a complete Software Licensing System and a unique Engine to suit your every need. Along with this we can give you a fully operational Engine. We have packages where all headers and sections are reorganized and encrypted in new data structures and then bundled inside a new structure which basically means that all information is bundled in multi-layered data structures to ensure greater protection.

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Code and Resource Compression allows compression of the code and resources of your application. This compression engine is useful to minimize bandwidth and increase download speeds. Resource Compression becomes more compatible with several development tools. We also give you evaluation and trial packages to confirm all your doubts regarding suitability for your software.

We can give you completely updated and target specific packages to suit your requirements. Piracy is yet another aspect of concern to many software houses. This is something that needs to be guarded against, as here there is generally a major loss of revenue. With piracy being rampant today; what you need is effective protection against tampering of any kind. If you are thinking protection, you will need

  • Protection Technology
  • Protection strategies
  • Distribution control against software piracy
  • Software Piracy Protection
  • Anti debugger
  • CRC
  • Trial days
  • Bind protected file to a (removeable) media
  • Start message
  • Keygen Generator with expiry date and machine id
  • Serial blacklist function
  • Expiry date
  • A own keygen tool
  • Start expiry
  • Anti virtual machines

We also have special packages to protect your code and code areas. These areas are prone to come under a hacker’s code and they can be misused to the company’s detriment. We can give you effective protection against this kind of infiltration. We can also show you interesting features to suit your requirement in the following:

  • Code protection
  • Key license management
  • Code and Resource Compression

For all these protection related issues, there are also a number of licensing policies that need registration and you need to keep yourself updated on any changes that may be occurring. For this we can assist you in the following;

  • License management solutions
  • Software license management
  • License management against reverse engineering

Another important aspect of protection of your software that you may need to incorporate is:

  • Protection of your Code from Decompilers,

  • Protection of applications against illegal usage,

  • Protect algorithms.

Come to us for all of the above and we will give you software that will more than meet your requirements!

Now we move on to Copy protection, Distribution, Pass Protection, Licenses and various other related aspects of this segment. This has a lot of details that one needs to know about for effective execution of any protection software. We can assist you with relevant issues like:

  • Copy protection schemes,

  • Distribution control system protection strategy,

  • Development of an effective pass protection scheme,

  • Fee income protection scheme,

  • Protect License,

  • License activation method,

  • Software activation technologies,

  • Software license management,

  • Software licensing control.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when you think of protection and our job is to make your job easier by taking away the headaches associated with ensuring that your code and your important software and confidential details pertaining to the company are not tampered with or hacked into. We are there to help you protect your applications against cracking and copying. So browse through our site and order in for you won’t get deals with such amazing possibilities and such rates!

Buy today!

+ Protect your executable (exe, scr) files against cracking
  • Anti Cracking Protection

  • Full Software Licensing System

  • Bundle whole Application in an Unique Layer

  • Evaluation and Trial

  • Code and Resource Compression

  • Compatible with several Development Tools

Online help and tutorial

unlimited application-packs)

Buy now copy protection

one application-pack)

Buy now copy protection


Size: 1 MB
Version 4.21
System: Windows XP, Vista, 2003/2008/2012 Server, 7, 8, 8.1 (x86/x64 Bit) - Hardware: Standard hardware where this OS work is enough.


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