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Protect your CD against illegal copy.

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WTM CD Protect

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One must understand when it comes to software protection that any duplication of various files goes against the law and there may severe consequences. Unfortunately, not many people take into consideration what could happen to them if they continue to produce such copies and give them to friends or family. They consider this kind of copying does not break the law and they continue to disregard the importance of software protection.

Lately, more and more advertising companies started to promote the concept of software protection. People must see all the damage they are causing by what is called ‘casual copying’ and start to use legal methods. Cd protection is part of the whole copy protection issue, as people in the music industry strive to protect their products and fail for the most part.

WTM CD Protect

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To sell copyprotected CDs, you register this program.

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WTM CD Protect
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