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Scan the web with WTM webtoolmaster.com by Hanspeter Imp - This is an automatic search bot for websites with an own script language. This powerful and fast tool have a lot of different functions. You can use filters, code your own script to scan the internet, find powerfull information and content for marketing, scan changed websites to check news, other firms, find e-mail addresses and more...

Search Bot
Form Filler
Spidering the www automatic
Own Script language
Spider for Web
Web Robot
Search E-Mails
Cralwer the Web
Search Texts
Mail Sniffer and Grabber
Web Extractor
IWCS Scripts

Save Websites
Search updated websites
Your Internet searcher

With this tool you can make a lot of different. It can search or change data for you.

Internet marketing and seo use examples:
Search new directories
or forums
Search new blogs to submit comments
Search duplicate content

Scan any results in search engines, rank, keywords, ...
Search e-mail addresses
Fill forms and send it automatic
Mail Extractor
Keyword research tool
Extract all links
Extract mailto addresses
Analyze website chance of competitors

Add url to with this online website crawler tool
Check if backlinks from partnersites are right placed
Extract meta tags and other keywords

For Webmaster use examples:
Search non exists websites
Save website content to hard disc

Check if a website changed to get new driver, news, update, ...
Make automatic clicks on websites
Check if links of partners are exists
Click on buttons

For marketing and resellers examples:
Extract phone, fax and addresses

Try this Crawler today! Use this crawl tool now! Download Internet Crawler

  A script language that you have control of the intern web browser and form filler. Here you can a lot of different commands to control this tool. Use this great filler function to fill and save information in websites full automatic. Save time and very easy to use!
Web Browser
Click orginal size   This intern browser help you to find what you are looking for. Control this brower with the script language too. Use this form filler to save and fill this automatic or per click.
Article Spinner
Click orginal size   Use this text and article spinner to create thousand of articles in minutes.
File Spinner
Click orginal size   This article spinner tool can create full automatic thousand of websites or text files per minutes. Insert your code in the source field and spin your websites.
Url Cut Tool
Click orginal size   This great line and url cutter tool have functions to cut your link collection in seconds. Insert letters, search for double lines, remove selected digits at start and much more.
Keyword Tool
Click orginal size   A keyword and phrases tool that mix different and new anchor texts for you.
E-Mail and Phone Finder
Click orginal size   This contact wizard help you to find contact information. Search for emails, fax, phone numbers and more.

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Size: ~ 1MB
Version: 1.32
Release Date: 2012-03-22

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