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This is a one step protection for beginners to create their own copy protection on media. To open the wizard, open WTM and click on the word "Wizard". With this tool you can create your own protection with some steps only. The result is a finished iso file for burning. WTM can not over-burn or change a finished CD. It is image modified software to include protections there. The basic method is to create a CD, include some wtm files and protect this image with WTM self. But the wizard makes a lot of tasks easy for you.

You can choose what protection you would like to use. Here are the options:

¢ "None": Select this when you would like to change the image with an image tool so that you can include a protection Manual later.

¢ "File Protection": Use this when you would like create data on your media where you place hard or dummy files that cannot be copied onto your disc. The wizard makes this automatically. In the first field (right), select your data to burn. Once selected, drag and drop the file(s) and folder(s) to the left empty field. Then you can see it there. Every file that you can see here will be included on the iso image file.

¢ "File Protection (with document crypter)": Use this when you would like to protect documents other than doc, xls, pps, pdf, txt and similar. Select the folder where your documents are found in the folder field. It is important that these files are not linked to other document files. These files must be separate. When you have linked the files to other files, then you need to learn to operate with the "Viewer Protection". This has functions that are used more too. This protection works by the following methods - WTM includes the auto-run protection and viewer protection with embedded dummy files (file protection) in the iso image. The auto-run checks if this dummy file exists in the right place and if it is not an illegal copy. When it is finds everything is right, it starts with asking for the password of the viewer. Now the viewer checks with own and other media keys for the crypted data on disc. You need to start browsing a document with the wtm viewer to the file and double click on it. When the disc is placed correctly, then wtm opens it with the right program. If it is not correct, it shows a password field. The viewer needs the right media to get the signature to decrypt the data correctly. You have to use the auto-start or open the setup.exe file on the disc. Then you need to double click on the right document.

¢ "Video Protection": Select the root folder of the finished video media from the small long field. WTM takes all folders and data and includes the dummy files there. Now you get a new protected iso image video file for burning.

On the right, you can select now the number of dummy files you would like to include on the disc. If the number is more, it is harder and slower to start the disc and needs more time to protect the image. Choose the iso filename and the location where you would like to save the finished image to burn. When you want to create a boot disc, then you can select the image file from here. This boot function is very advanced and not for beginners.

Click on Protect and wait till the protection is finished. When everything is done, you can choose if you would like open the linked program with iso images. These are the commonly used burning tools. So you can burn it easily.

The burning tool can burn iso image files. Functions are named "Open Image", "Burn Image" and "Select Image File".

Remember: The wizard fills all fields automatically in wtm. So you can close the wizard and check what function you need to get this protection. So you can learn how you can make it better without the wizard.

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