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4. Protection of CD Using WTM CD Protector

The WTM CD Protect software gives various types of CD copy protection namely video CD protection, data CD protection, and music CD protection. Let us see each one of them in detail.

4.1 Protection of Data CD Using WTM CD Protector

Creation of New Data CD Compilation

The first step is to create new Data-CD compilation using any CD-burning software. For creating a data CD compilation, follow the following steps and settings:

Step 1: Inserting a CD –

First, Insert a CD into your recorder.

Step 2: Use CD Burning Software –

Using any CD burning software click the option Data CD

Step 3: Choosing Session –

Select the option “No MultiSession” for the Data CD you are making

Step 4: Select Character Set –

This will open the ‘Properties’ window for the data CD. In that, in the "CD File System" section, specify your preferable CD File system for the data CD present in the character set option. Generally ISO-9660 is a standard CD-ROM file system that allows you to read the same CD-ROM whether you are on the PC with UNIX Linux Mac or other makes.

Step 5: Select Format of Data CD –

Select the format for Data CD to be made as Mode 1. CD-ROM Mode 1 is the mode used for CD-ROMs that carry data and applications only and so choose this mode.

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