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EXE Bundle - The EXE Binder

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EXE Bundle - Bundle your applications in one application.

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EXE/SCR files - start without extraction
In the first listview "EXE/SCR files - start without extraction" enter the executeable files, that you would like to embed in one file. All files in this box start automatically and do not need to be extracted to the hard disc.

Select EXE/SCR files for a direct start. SW: "-" Start all files without waiting when others are closed. SW: "X" First start before the second, but after SW: "-" is selected. CL: "-" Take the command line from system for this file.' + #13#10 + 'CL: "O" Disable command line and remove it from file started. CL: "X" Select a own command. "2. Mouse Button" Enter the filename to the resource functions automatically.

Files to extraction with sfx loader
Select your files to use the SFX-Loader with them. Do not forget to enable SFX-Loader. "2. Mouse Button" Enter the file to the SFX-Starter functions automatically.

Enter command line
CL "X": Enter your commands for the selected file here.
Example: Command1 Command2 ...
Example2: "Com mand 1" "Com mand 2" ...

SFX-Loader file starter
Here you can select your file, that you would like to start after extraction or automatically when it exists.
Example: myFile.exe
Example2: myBatch.bat
In the second empty field you can use commands. Type your command line for the file started here, when needed.

Compress high ratio
When you enable this, your file(s) get a better compression (smaller bundle file) but is slower.

Create a stand alone bundled file
This function creates 2 different files - the loader and the data file.

Include rt_icon from file
Uses this icon from selected file.

Include rt_version from file
Uses the file information from selected file that you can see outside.

Use manifest from this file
Uses the file manifest from selected file. That is important to get the right XP-Style and user rights for the bundled files too.

Use SFX-Loader
Here you can select the output path of the SFX-Loader.
<PATH OF INSTALLER>: The folder where the bundled file started.
<PATH OF INSTALLER>nextfolder: Here you can select a folder under the file without "\" at the end of the folder name.
<TEMP FOLDER>: The temp folder on the started computer.
<DESKTOP>: The desktop folder on the started computer.
C:\FIXFOLDER: Here you can select a fix folder.

Enable starter checkbox
Check or not check the "Start setup program after extraction" box.

Start in silent mode
Starts the program in silent when possible.



EXE Bundle (PE Loader)

EXE-File 1

EXE-File 2

New/Other Icon

EXEBundle + Icon
EXE-File 1
EXE-File 2


One executable file!

EXE Bundle (Shareware): Download

EXE Bundle (Registered Version, Password Protected): Download

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