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Irrespective of the availability of various copyright laws, many people who use internet for their digital images business are still suffering great losses because the amount of protection of images available on the internet is not sufficient. This is because, when pictures are already downloaded and used, then there is no point in fighting for copyright. The only way to protect the images from such threats is to block all possible ways of copying images from websites and safely allow clients to gain full access to the pictures sold. This is all possible with WTM digital photo protection software that ensures copyrights, providing maximum benefits for clients and users.

WTM digital photo protection tool is useful both for commercial as well as professional photographers. Anyone who wants to restrict access to the digital images should take advantage of the protection module to prevent unwanted copying of images as well as piracy threats. If you have a website and don’t want unauthorized download of digital photos you already placed in your website, you have to use the digital photo protection software to encrypt the photos before uploading. Also, you can disable anyone from saving screenshots using screenshot protection available with WTM digital photo protection.

Creating your own seller system is very simple with WTM digital photo protection. Every picture you want to protect can be saved using a password set by you. Only people who know the password can open and see the photos. You can set the same password for all the pictures if you want or you can use different passwords for multiple pictures. When someone tries to open a picture, the photo viewer will ask for the password. Only if the password matches, the photo will be opened. When you sell your photos to clients, you should share the passwords with your clients so that they can open the file. Users can view the photos, but they can't save or download the picture without knowing the password.

Access control for your digital images can be set on your own using the same WTM digital photo protection. If you don’t want your viewers to save the file to their hard drive or any other external storage device for that matter, you can disable screenshot facility. Also, you can disable or enable save button to avoid unauthorized editing and saving of images and photos. Turning the photos by 90° can also be enabled by the software. Without enabling this feature, the viewer won't allow changing the orientation of the image.

Photo viewer can be customized using WTM digital photo protection. Back and forward button can be disabled or enabled depending on your preference. This way, you can customize the viewer based on how you want the users to view the digital photos that you have captured spending all your time and efforts. Those users who are authorized to view and save images are allowed to store digital photos in their CDs, DVDs or USBs. Target drive where the image is to be stored can be selected directly. Even though the media storage device consists of other kinds of data, only pictures and photos are controlled by WTM digital photo protection software. Formatted label key will work on formatted discs. Auto start option starts picture protection automatically and it can be stopped by the user at any time.

Inclusion of watermark is an important feature that is required for copyrighting images and photos. Using WTM digital photo protection, it is very simple to create watermark as the software does all the work to include watermarked text. The text to be watermarked can be selected by the user of the software. Many people now use their business logo for watermarking digital photos to enhance business branding as well as to protect pictures. Placement of font and position of font can be selected by the user of the software. Aside from standard position, watermarks can be placed anywhere inside the photo according to your choice.

You might have different requirements for copyrighting and protecting photos and images. Compressor comes as a part of WTM digital photo protection and it doesn’t affect the quality of photos and originality. The compressor works indirectly and enables fast download of images on the internet. Normal compression can also be chosen, but the images may load slowly. Compression can be set to none by disabling the feature.

The features of WTM digital photo protection are available only in the high module version. The trail version doesn’t allow saving of pictures. Further, to completely utilize the functionalities of digital photo protection, you need to download the full software and use it according to the instructions. Once you are familiar with various options and features of WTM digital photo protection, you can copyright digital photos and images within a few minutes.


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Date: 2011-01-18

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